Building a Brand

For quite some time I worked without a logo for my CPA firm. In 2005, I joined my father and we had our name on some makeshift letterhead and got by with only that for a couple of years. Around 10+ years ago, my client, Lalita with GuruKrew, came to me and told me that she thought I needed a logo. A logo to use as a way to differentiate ourselves and create a brand. I thought it was a good idea and let her run with the project. She came back to me with what you see now in any piece of literature that we send out. An abacus with the letters P and C hidden within the logo and our firm name “Porter & Company CPAs”  in crisp clean font below it. I am not sure how we decided on the Florida Gator color scheme, but to this day I still like it. I love this logo. We have put it on everything from business cards, to our tax return folders, to coffee cups, to business portfolios, to Yeti tumblers. Even on the wall of our conference room in the new office; my wife, Heather’s suggestion. That logo represents a brand that my firm strives to make better every day. I want our clients and friends of the firm to see that logo and know what that means. That logo is a representation of our client motto with is:

“Contributors to Our Clients Success”

I tell my clients all the time that we both have the same goal: for our client’s business to be successful financially. If they are successful, then we are going to benefit from being able to provide a deeper consulting relationship, more insight into tax savings, revenue generation, expense reduction, etc.

That logo is an embodiment of our core values which we live and breathe every day.

LeadershipCompetent guidance with an in-depth knowledge of our client’s situation

Excellence – Quality and distinction by continually striving to be better

Honesty – Consistently honest in every aspect of our profession

We work hard in what we do and we provide quality work for our clients. Our logo is living proof of the brand that I am proud to see on a variety of items every day when I walk into my office.